SCAM ALERT: Recorded Deed Notice

Over the last several months, we have received word from clients of what appears to be an official and important notice that is being sent out to homeowners.  The notice says that the recipient is required to have a copy of their deed to prove ownership and request payment to receive a copy of their deed.  BEWARE!  THIS IS A SCAM!  

First, all clients of Walecka Law, P.C. who execute any conveyance document (e.g., a deed, homestead, or certificate of trustee) should receive an original copy of their documents with their completed estate plan once recorded.  Second, if you ever do need a copy of your deed to property you own, this can and should be requested with the County Registry of Deeds or call us and we can provide a copy to you.  

This Alert serves as a reminder that when you receive a bill or notice that you were not expecting, be diligent and ask questions.  If you received a similar Alert, consider filing a report with the Attorney General’s Office.  Also, please consider sharing this warning with your loved ones who may not be aware.