Guardians & Conservators

We assist our clients through the Guardianship and Conservatorship court process. 

When someone loses capacity to make decisions and they do not have adequate documents in place prior to their incapacity, they will most likely need a probate attorney. The family hires our firm to guide them through the probate process to be appointed as decision-maker for the incapacitated person. 

Walecka Law, P.C. represents families who are concerned about the financial well-being of an aging family member. We are knowledgeable in the legal issues affecting individuals and families who are thinking about pursuing Conservatorship. We can help you determine whether Conservatorship is the most helpful solution or if another, less intrusive alternative is more appropriate.

A Guardian may be a family member or other responsible person, who the court believes will act in the best interest of the incapacitated person. We can help you fulfill your obligations as a Guardian and navigate the court process.

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